Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

DataHive's promise is to provide the best possible solutions, services and support to help clients colocate their servers safely and securely. In today's Internet environment, every business, large or small must have the assurance that their sensitive and important electronic information will not be jeopardized.

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Benefits of Virtualization

Virtual server hosting provides CPU, memory, storage, networking and security as a package. DataHive supplies the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining up to and including the operating system. Users choose from a range of a menu of options.

The benefits of virtualization include the following:

  • lower costs with less physical equipment to purchase, operate, and repair

  • increased productivity with more flexibility and productivity

  • server space consolidation

  • simplify resources

  • greater flexibility

  • ease of provisioning

  • reduce power and cooling requirements

  • portability

  • systems backup and disaster recovery

  • uninterrupted maintenance

  • management tools to automate tasks

  • run multiple operating systems and applications

Virtual Server Hosting - Build as You Grow

Today's constantly changing economy imposes the need to find new ways to perform more cost-effectively and remain competitive. Virtual Server Hosting is the solution to reduce operating costs and improve effectiveness and efficiency.

DataHive's Virtual Server Hosting brings actual and immediate value to your business.

  • Speed to value: frees up IT staff to focus on value creation thanks to immediately available, scalable infrastructure

  • Business agility: variable service levels, infrastructure and costs

  • Reliability, security and governance: guarantees highly available, resilient infrastructure with variable service levels to suit your business

  • Business flexibility: expand, add or remove cloud servers without changing server resources

  • Triple redundancy: guarantees a minimum of 99.999% uptime with DataHive

  • Hardware level virtualization: ensures more security in Virtual Server Hosting

  • Virtual Server Hosting can be launched without any capital investment in hardware

  • Virtual Server Hosting is self-healing: in case of failure, the last backup automatically becomes the primary copy

  • With Virtual Server Hosting it is possible to know exactly where your data is physically located

  • Guaranteed uptime: receive three BGP providers for 100% failover

What Responsibilities Do I Have with Virtual Server Hosting?

With DataHive's Virtual Server Hosting, you only have to provide your parameters, processing power, HD, RAM, and operating system. The rest is supported by DataHive.