Private Cloud

What is a Private Cloud?

The Private Cloud offers a high level of security because all data stays in a defined location. The private cloud helps eliminate security risks. DataHive's services are provided exclusively on a Private Cloud.

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What is a Public Cloud?

A "public cloud" is generally a service open for public use. Services tend to be offered on a wide scale to a public audience over a public network spreading through countries around the world. DataHive services do not utilize a Public Cloud. Any business, large or small, choosing a Public Cloud needs to ask these questions first:

  • Exactly where will my data be located?
  • How is my data isolated from threats, attacks?
  • Will I retain ownership of my data?
  • Do I have control of my data?

3 Stages of Data Centre Security

DataHive's Private Cloud is managed to inhibit threat of breaches in three ways:
  1. a combination of security interventions and tools are employed to identify a breach before it occurs.
  2. DataHive's SDS SanCloud backup system provides the assurance whereby your data is replicated, stored and blocked from malicious intent.
  3. DataHive's managed SDS Private Cloud storage delivers peace of mind.
With DataHive you:
  • know where your data is located.
  • know how it is managed.
  • know the staff.
  • monitor your data activity.
  • own and control your data 100%.
Optional offerings include:
  • Monitoring reports.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Tools to isolate malware.
  • Provision of managed firewall service.
  • Consulting to determine a strategic approach.

Cloud Security

Security is the primary reason why DataHive has built a Private Cloud service. DataHive offers a Private Cloud engineered to protect against data loss, data leakage, and data breaches. SAN Cloud is maintained securely in DataHive's Private Cloud, all aspects of vulnerability have been taken into account to provide protection against every eventuality.

Data security is a vital component of your overall data maintenance and longevity. DataHive views all aspects of security to be paramount which means that our approach, efforts, tools and plans are not shared or advertised on our website.

For more detail on DataHive's internal proprietary security measures, please call our President Erwin Kantwerg at 403-313-1106 who will be happy to share further information under an NDA. To learn more about DataHive's Private Cloud, please see our site Cloud Computing with DataHive.

DataHive Private Cloud Now Offers Software Defined Storage

Four versatile, private cloud solutions are competitive with public clouds! Corporations no longer have to slow down or juggle budgets to accommodate growing data demands. Nor do they have to succumb to the unsecure public cloud.

One does not have to be a visionary to know that the concept of data centres, racks and servers is gradually going the way of the dodo bird and giving way to virtualization.

The concept of virtualization has helped many businesses to redirect hardware expenditures to more productive ventures. In fact, public cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been built on the Software Defined Storage model.

We asked the obvious question: why not develop an SDS cloud that is always private, readily available, expandable, easily accessible, backed up, secure and competitively priced? DataHive has designed the answer and is now launching DataHive's Private S3 Cloud.