Virtual Server Hosting, Private Cloud, SaaS, Backup and DRaaS

DataHive's promise is to provide the best possible solutions, services and support to help clients colocate their servers safely and securely. In today's Internet environment, every business, large or small must have the assurance that their sensitive and important electronic information will not be jeopardized in any way.

DataHive recognizes the comfort level and assurance you need to run your business. We also understand how important it is that your customers receive the guarantees they require. After all, your satisfied customer is our satisfied customer. Whether you have one server or many more, your current business requirements are important to us.

The DataHive data centre runs on 1 Gbps Ethernet, connected to the Internet through multiple redundant high speed Internet lines using Extreme Networks routers. Shaw, Zayo and Hurricane Electric provide primary Internet connectivity. However, DataHive is a carrier-neutral facility with the advantage of choosing from a number of additional tier-1 Internet backbone carriers.

Clients are guaranteed plenty of excess Internet capacity, so clients never have to be concerned about bandwidth requirements. We guarantee a maximum average utilization of 70%. This means our metric for Internet line upgrades is to have 30% excess capacity during peak load times, regardless of how many high-speed lines we already have. DataHive addresses this as a core business policy.

DataHive's facility employs redundant power, including UPS Bypass system, generator, climate control, fire suppression and 24/7/365 video monitoring. Access to the facility is protected by mantrap doors and state-of-the-art biometrics, as well as digitally encrypted keys for rack access. Clients have full-time, online viewing of their bandwidth usage.

All services include on-going technical support. Clients are provided with phone numbers, email addresses and instant messenger information to contact support staff directly, day or night, seven days a week.