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Remote Logging and Analysis

Hackers will typically try to erase or destroy evidence contained in system or network access logs to protect themselves and hide their activities from being detected.

Understanding network traffic patterns and recording details of breaches is crucial in cleaning up, hardening, and preparing for potential future attacks.

Why use DataHive for remote logging and analysis?

By sending your network and server logs to DataHive’s remote logging service for analysis, you protect your vital data from tampering, during an attack. The information is stored in our secure data centre. We utilize encryption to ensure no one can tamper with your data as it’s being transmitted to DataHive.



If your business has ever had to recover from a security incident, or if you are concerned about cybersecurity, the next step is to identify which cybersecurity risks your business might face. Based on that information, we can work with you to create a plan on how to protect your company from a cybersecurity breach.

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After you have identified what business data you need to protect, the next step is to build safeguards and reinforce existing protection.

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After implementing additional protection, it is essential to continually monitor the system for signs of breach attempts, successful breaches, unauthorized access or other anomalies.

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As soon as you have detected an incident, it’s time to respond. But, it’s important to plan and rehearse those recovery steps ahead of time.

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If you have not protected your data sufficiently and now detect a failure, it’s time to recover. But, it’s important to plan and rehearse those recovery steps well in advance.

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DataHive offers a trusted relationship, providing our clients with in-depth security solutions for their unique requirements.

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