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Benefits of IaaS

Reasons to Use IaaS Private Cloud Solutions

Enterprises making use of IaaS private cloud solutions find they have many advantages:

•   Cost effective: users pay only for what they need, when they need it.

•   Scalable: IaaS private cloud solutions allow users to easily expand or scale back, usually on the same day.

•   Available anywhere: the Internet is all that is needed to access the service.

•   No single point of failure: IaaS private cloud solutions run even if a server goes down.

•   Maintenance-free: enterprises don't have to manage underlying hardware with the complexity, staff and expenses involved.

•   Adaptable: Users are able to customize their processes, platform configurations, and terms of service.

•   Reduced effort required for IT personnel: eliminates purchase, install and/or component integration.

IaaS provides CPU, memory, storage, networking and security as a package. In general, with IaaS, users choose from a range of a menu of options. DataHive owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The user typically pays on a per-use basis.


Can Businesses Afford Not to Consider Iaas?

Today's economy imposes upon enterprises the need to find new ways to perform more cost-effectively and remain competitive. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses. IaaS is the solution to reduce operating costs and improve effectiveness and efficiency.


What Value Can be Had with DataHive's IaaS Offerings?

DataHive's Private Cloud IaaS brings actual and immediate value to your business.

•   Speed to value: frees up IT staff to focus on value creation thanks to immediately available, scalable infrastructure

•   Business agility: matches your enterprise's needs through infrastructure resources and costs that scale up and down

•   Reliability, security and governance: guarantees highly available, resilient infrastructure with variable service levels to suit your business

•   Businesses can: expand, add or remove cloud servers without changing their server resources.

•   Triple redundancy: guarantees a minimum of 99.999% uptime with DataHive.

•   Hardware level virtualization: ensures more security in private cloud hosting.


What Responsibilities do I Have with IaaS?

With DataHive's Private Cloud IaaS, you only have to configure your parameters: needed processing power, HD, RAM,and operating system. The rest will be done by DataHive.


What are the Characteristics of DataHive's Private Cloud Computing?

Private cloud computing is economical. A very small company can use IaaS to launch a service without any capital investment in hardware. Thus, with private cloud computing, virtually no start-up software and hardware investment is needed.

Private cloud computing is like a machine with unlimited resource that runs 24 hours and 7 days a week. Here are a few characteristics of DataHive's private cloud computing.

•   Private cloud computing is self healing: in case of failure, the last backup automatically becomes the primary copy.

•   Private cloud computing offers high scalability: it is not one computer or server but rather many that are put to use to handle the situation.

•   Private cloud computing is a multipurpose virtualization system.

•   With private cloud computing it is possible to know exactly where your data is physically located.


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