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Enterprise Partnership Program

DataHive is dedicated to providing high-level service and products to its clients. To that end, DataHive promotes Enterprise Partners that are likewise committed to offering best-in-class solutions. Enterprise Partnership recognizes excellence in the delivery of service, solutions and support to clients. Taking into consideration the Enterprise Partner's ability to deliver real benefits in terms of improved efficiency, ROI and cost reduction, clients receive a full, end-to-end service. DataHive pledges to stand behind and support all Enterprise Partners in creating new or expanded service packages for their clients.

If you are interested in becoming an Enterprise Partner, please click on the button to complete the form, or call DataHive 403-313-1106.

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Your clients want to know how to improve.

•   How to reduce capital expenditures.

•   How to improve on security.

•   How to insure reliable, expandable storage and backup is always on.

•   How to control and manage exponential data growth.

•   How to avoid loss of historical data.

DataHive's Private Cloud offers Software Defined Storage:
versatile, private cloud solutions competitive to anything out there is here!

Corporations no longer have to slow down or juggle budgets to accommodate growing data demands. The concept of virtualization has helped many businesses to redirect hardware expenditures to more productive ventures. In fact, public cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been built on this premise.


Enterprise Applications

As businesses seek to become ever more efficient, new opportunities emerge for DataHive’s Enterprise Partners. Popular IT resources, supported by facts and figures, confirm the shift from owning a data center facility to outsourcing IT requirements. Enterprise applicants that are browser accessible create massive savings and opportunity for enterprise partners.

The reasons are logical. The cost of maintaining, managing and supporting an in-house data centre is a direct expense, including space, power, cooling, government regulations, staffing, equipment, etc. Owning and supporting this kind of infrastructure deters from the core skills and proficiency of the business.

The growing demand for off-site data storage is trending in every sector. With the concern about the unreliability of public clouds, corporations large and small are looking for data storage and maintenance solutions to answer two vital requirements.

1. Remove the financial burden of owning a data storage infrastructure, and

2. Achieve dependable protection, security and uptime for data away from insecure public clouds hacks and intrusions.

With the solutions developed and offered by DataHive, Enterprise Partners now have access to safe data storage, in a private secure environment, free from costly application development and hardware and maintenance costs.


Enterprise Breakthrough

In the last few months, the technologies that created Software Defined Storage has opened a whole new world to businesses previously encumbered by equipment purchase, latency, unexpected costs, etc.

Based on SDS technology, DataHive provides a huge 21st Century game changer. The onerous responsibilities to maintain any size data competitively; in legal compliance; and more reliable than a public cloud is many times more available than ever before.

DataHive is the answer to any data storage requirement at any scale and best of all in a private secure cloud.


Enterprise Potential

The potential for Enterprise Partners is for any organization seeking improved service levels, maximal uptime, fast transit, lower costs and freedom from threats of data loss. The stratum is unlimited including: education, health, government, consultants, energy, financial, accounting, legal to name a few.


Enterprise Support

DataHive does not require an array of apps and technical platforms. Your support and management services remain as you have designed and built. Now, with DataHive you are able to give your client a full end-to-end service package freeing them from the burden and concern of IT infrastructure risks and allowing them to focus on their core business.


Enterprise Profitability

At last partners and agents who work tirelessly to market their services and products have a powerful value proposition for the enterprise market. A DataHive Enterprise Partner provides immediate access to applications enterprise clients desire without requiring additional hardware and data centre expenditures. From the private cloud at DataHive, their data is safe and secure and always available.


DataHive Enterprise Partner Benefits

As your enterprise clients enjoy the worry-free benefits of your solutions, not only are your rewards based on your services but you will receive residuals. We will provide you with training, presales support, quoting, and sales collateral, all offered on a personal and professional level.

Please contact DataHive to discuss a partnership in more detail:

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