N+1 data centre located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Canada Colocation Extreme Network

The DataHive DSA IP network features a dedicated, redundant backbone network that connects the data centre using multiple high-speed lines. The DataHive network virtually eliminates the risk of a single point of failure. Within the data center, DataHive has implemented a LAN architecture that scales to meet, and usually exceed customers demand for bandwidth. In fact, the DataHive architecture scales in anticipation of customer demand by employing powerful routers running at gigabit speeds.

BGP4 Routing

Border Gateway Protocol is the inter domain routing protocol designed for the global Internet. DataHive runs the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) for best case routing. The BGP4 protocol is a standard that allows for the routing of packets of information sent out from the DataHive network. Each packet of information is evaluated and sent over the best route possible. Because of our redundant network architecture, packets may be sent via alternative routes even if they are being delivered to the same end user. Should one of our providers fail, packets leaving our network are automatically redirected though another route via a different provider.

Bandwidth Utilization

The DataHive network has plenty of excess capacity, even during peak times. This allows us to accommodate the largest spikes in traffic that are often associated with the most popular web sites. We are always adding network connectivity and new routes in an effort to make sure content is delivered to your users as efficiently as possible. Low bandwidth utilization also allows for maximum uptime, even if one of our providers has an outage.

24 X 7 Tech Support

All of our products include 24 x 7 technical support. You are welcome to contact us by email or phone. Day or night 24/7/365.

Guarantee Packet Delivery

DataHive pays our transit IP providers to make sure that packets of information are delivered to the end users. This offers significant advantages over simply peering with the major backbone. Peering agreements rarely include Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) so no one is accountable for lost packets at congested exchange points. Because DataHive actually has SLA’s with all our transit IP providers we are able to guarantee that all packets will leave our network at full speed.

Reliable Facility

DataHive’s facility employs a redundant power system, fire suppression and 24 x 7 video monitoring. Access to the facility is protected by man-trap doors and biometrics, as well as, digitally encrypted keys for rack access.

Reliable Connectivity

DataHive utilizes connections to multiple backbones to ensure that data reaches the end user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. The connecting trunks are a combination of Fiber Optic, Copper and Laser line of sight connection. These services are a mixture of Layer 1 to Layer 3.

Rate Increase Protection

When you sign up with DataHive, we guarantee that your monthly rate will not increase for the duration of your contract.


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