DataHive Colocation Extreme Network

The DataHive IP network features a dedicated redundant backbone network using multiple high-speed lines. The network virtually eliminates the risk of a single point of failure. DataHive's LAN architecture, combined with powerful routers, is scaled to exceed clients' demand for gigabit speed.


To ensure 100% up-time DataHive provides all clients with BGP failover to three Internet providers. Furthermore, DataHive is configured to serve the emerging 5G global network.

BGP4 and BGP6 Routing

DataHive's network is compatible with both BGP4 and BGP6 (Border Gateway Protocol) for best case routing. With our redundant network architecture, packets may be peered via alternative routes. Should one peer fail, packets are automatically redirected through another route.

Bandwidth Utilization

DataHive's network supports unlimited capacity, even during peak times. This allows us to accommodate the largest spikes in traffic. New networks and routing to deliver increasing international Points-of-Presence (POP's) are on-going.DataHive provides shared colocation space for 1U servers excluding power upgrades and cross-connects. Clients receive escorted day-time access.

24/7/365 Tech Support

Clients enjoy 24/7/365 technical support, on-call or contracted Managed Services.

Reliable Facility

DataHive's facility provides a redundant power system, fire suppression and 24/7/365 video monitoring. Access to the facility is protected with controlled secure building and elevator access, man-trap doors with biometrics, as well as controlled and locked cabinet access.

Reliable Connectivity Hub

DataHive hosts over 30 ISPs to ensure client data reaches the end user fast and efficiently.

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