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Network Providers
We work closely with leading telecommunications companies to build and maintain our world-class network. By monitoring our network and our carrier connections we can see trends developing ahead of time and take steps to keep in sync with demand. Such recent trends include the widespread deployment of end user ADSL, the emergence of Streaming Video, the development of VOIP, the need for customers to have offsite backups and the increased need for security. Keeping up with global trends puts our hosting ahead of the rest.

DataHive is a carrier neutral facility, this allows our customers to choose the circuit provider that they feel best suits their connectivity requirements. Customers who have existing relationships with specific carriers can now transport their services into DataHive’s secure data centre facilities and utilize all the services and features DataHive provides. Now, a complete network move into DataHive facilities is seamless, and an easy reality for network administrators everywhere. Our customers deserve choices for bandwidth and the option for problem free network mobility space. For those clients who do not have a preference, our primary circuit provider is Rogers. Rogers provides reliable Internet connectivity. Our BGP fail safe provider is Envision (Enmax).

You can depend on the Rogers IP network for your most mission-critical business operations. Strengths to note:

•Simple network design - a flat and elegant architecture designed to ensure congestion-free operations with virtually no delay or packet loss.
•Unmatched survivability - fully redundant dual-provisioned architecture is survivable even in the most adverse conditions.
An MPLS based network offering a robust Quality of Service (QOS). A pure, fiber based, standard Ethernet Data Service with speeds up to one gigabit per second. No bursting, full bandwidth always - Fiber Channel and higher speeds available on request.

Network assets are wholly owned, operated and maintained by ENMAX Envision.
Our leading IP infrastructure in Canada and the US includes:
•State-of-the-art technology delivers DWDM.
•10 Gigabit Ethernet wave and SONET switching.
•Robust IP backbone offering superior Internet performance.