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Security Advanatages

Calgary, Canada is an ideal location for our primary data center because of the absence of natural disasters and the close proximity to peering points for Europe and the U.S. Additionally, being geographically located on the Calgary metro power grid with multiple carrier fiber running right outside the front door makes DataHive's Calgary data center the perfect location for your mission-critical data.

Physical Security
The data centre is physically isolated from everyone but DataHive's technicians. The data centre is not open to the public. You can rest assured that only a handful of highly trained DataHive technicians will be allowed within close physical proximity of your server. Customer access to the data center floor is restricted to those holding pass cards. Furthermore, access to the data centre is restricted by Biometric scanners. The data centre is under 24/7 video surveillance internally and externally and the whole facility is monitored for external physical breaches.

All Network Operation Centers use industry-standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and provide round-the-clock monitoring of all hardware, including routers, switches, UPS systems, and servers. The Network Operation Centers also monitor power, environmental factors (such as temperature and humidity), generator status, and network connectivity. All critical services/ports are monitored, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, SSH and POP3.