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DataHive Advantages

DataHive Owns and Controls its Data Centre
When you evaluate your hosting company you want assurance that your on-line business is maintained safely, securely and reliably in a state-of-the-art facility. The best way to get this assurance is to choose an established company that takes the responsibility of owning and operating its data centre.

DataHive is 100% owned by individuals who are committed to insure constant on-site, hands-on maintenance of your service 24/7. DataHive provides a world-class infrastructure, engineered in every aspect to accommodate the high-availability demands of the Internetís most popular web sites. The data centre and network has been optimized for outsourcing web servers, providing security, reliability, performance and scalability.

By partnering with DataHive for your mission-critical Internet operations, you can focus time and resources on your core business.

The DataHive Data Centre is Carrier Neutral
DataHive is a carrier-neutral facility. Our carrier-neutral facilities allow customers to choose the circuit provider that they feel best suit their connectivity requirements. Customers who have existing relationships with specific carriers can now transport their services into DataHive's secure data centre facilities and utilize all the services and features DataHive provides. A complete network move into DataHive's facilities is seamless, and an easy reality for network administrators everywhere. Our customers deserve choices for bandwidth and the option for problem free network mobility 24/7. See below for some of the carriers that service our data centre.

For those clients who do not have a preference, our primary circuit provider is Sprint Canada. Sprint Canada provides reliable Internet connectivity. Our BGP fail-safe provider is Envision (Enmax).